Main system of IEC - Painting

Bulk painting


Roll coating

A method in which paint is applied to a large roll and applied to an object to be coated.


Flow coating

A system in which paint is flowed from the upper tank in a curtain shape and paint through the object to be coated.


Dip coating

A method of immersing an object to be coated in a large paint tank and coating it.

Spray coating (atomization coating)
* Coating efficiency numerical value is a reference.


Air spray

A method of applying paint in the form of mist by air pressure.
Estimated coating efficiency 30 to 40%


Airless spray

A method of atomizing and applying a paint by the pressure of the liquid agent itself without using air.
Estimated coating efficiency 50 to 60%


Electrostatic spray

It is possible to spray the charged paint and efficiently adhere to the workpiece by electrostatic force.
Estimated coating efficiency 60 to 70%


2K spray

It is a spray that can mix and apply two liquids at the time of spraying.

Powder Coating

Electrostatic powder coating

A method in which a powder coating material is charged and applied by spraying etc., and apply to an object by using static electricity.
After coating, heating is carried out in a baking and drying furnace to form a coating film.

Flow dipping coating

A method of forming a coating film by injecting gas from the lower part of a container containing powder paint, floating the powder paint inside the container evenly, and immersing a previously heated object to be coated.

Paint film thickness and application


Quotation: Outline of industrial painting [Japan Industrial Painting Federated Association]