Handling of fluid

IEC is a technical business firm in the field of fluid transport supply systems, including paint and high-viscosity materials. We not only offer proposals for equipment units such as pumps and spray guns, but also coordinate complete production systems including accessory facilities. We boast the top share in circulating supply systems, which supply paint to automobile plant coating lines. The systems are also adopted in general industries, such as aviation, food production, and construction. We strive to make proposals that match the needs of the time, such as environmental conservation and energy-saving.

Handling of fluid

In the environment where the industrial structure is changing everyday and at the manufacturing site where high quality products have been provided to society, innovative technology is always required.
IEC handles "painting", "adhesion", "filling", and we will respond with fluid transfer technology in the manufacturing process that plays a role.



Film the object with paint etc., protection, rust prevention, aesthetic is the original purpose, and the role of design is also highly demanded.The method of painting is more diversified, such as solvent, powder, dipping, electrodeposition coating.


Materials are also very diverse, and scenes required from heavy industry to food production process are various.It is necessary to judge and properly control the characteristics of the material, and it is becoming more diversified.


In bonding and sealing processes that require high technology as same as painting, it has made bonding technology turn into more multi-use such as accurately supplying high viscosity materials at constant flow rates.