"IEC develops products that meet customer needs and original products aimed at the market in-house.
We actively develop products that meet a wide range of requests, such as efficiency improvement, cost reduction, and quality improvement, by performing equipment verification and various tests tailored to the needs of each customer.
We also have many IEC original products."

Side/Edge Seal Hotmelt Dispenser PGM

A solar panel adhesive application device that utilizes the high-precision gear metering application system "PGM metering system".

"Customization to solar panel manufacturing specifications by combining the PGM metering system with a nozzle swivel device.
It also accurately controls the width and thickness of the ribbon application and the adhesive application position."



3Way GUN

A rotary applicator with a 3-way nozzle that enhances coating efficiency.

This applicator exclusively for high-viscosity materials including automotive undercoat. The rotary shaft, where only the tip of the gun rotates, allows the material and air to be connected through a groove drilled inside the housing, making it possible to rotate the applicator independently. The nozzle head that can discharge in 3 directions can be freely designed at any angle.


Small AC servo booster pump

Compact AC Servo Booster Pump

Constant flow rate discharge device

Compact Electric Servo Booster Pump (Robot arm attachable)

It was developed for the purpose of stable quantitative application without pulsation by bead application of the sealer. It realizes stable quality and high production efficiency in sealer materials and adhesive application processes of various manufacturing lines.

Rotary joint

Rotary Joint

For high viscosity materials only

It realizes the independent rotation of the applicator, improving the efficiency of applying high-viscosity materials.

The hose is not twisted or caught by the independent rotation of the applicator, improving the efficiency. The robot is no longer restricted by hoses. Since it can be installed on an existing applicator, it is possible to increase the efficiency of process while keeping costs down.


Heat cure System

Halogen heat curing system

The industry's first system that integrating sealer coating and halogen heat curing!

Traditionally, large-scale equipment was required for heat curing of adhesives and sealers. Heat cure system uses a halogen heater as a heat source to reduce environmental burden by clean heating and improve productivity.


ILH-65 W (water cooling type model)

Hybrid Dispenser

Valve with pressure adjustment function

Valve for high viscosity fluid control such as sealing material, adhesive and so on. The fluid pressure inside the valve can also be controlled at the same time since pressure can be adjusted just before the valve, pressure fluctuation when opening and closing the valve is reduced. In addition, adopting a snuff back (pull valve) type for the valve mechanism reduces liquid dripping after closing the valve.


Magnet auto filter

Magnetic separator that reduces total operating cost by automatic cleaning and recovery system.

Magnetic separator that can be implemented separation, cleaning and discharge by full automatic magnetic force by magnetic separation automatic cleaning mechanism. (Patented) In addition, further treatment of the iron powder of the magnet auto filter will result in minimal material disposal. No additional pumps are required, and free configuration design inline is possible.

Spring auto filter

It is continuously usable by fully automatic washing mechanism, and it is spring type filtration system.

Spring filtration system with high filtration effect even for nonferrous waste. The irregularities added to the stainless steel spring creates gaps, filtrates waste material of minimum 20 microns, and only liquid passes through. Then, the waste material attached to the surface by filtration is discharged promptly by "reverse wash (backwash)" where the water current flows in reverse.



This is a solvent / air mixer that can reduce solvent usage when color replacement washing.

With patented ratio valve technology, make accurately mixed air-fuel mixture that does not affect cleaning effect. By the mixture, the cleaning effect remains unchanged, and reducing the amount of solvent used at color change washing by 50%.